Elon Musk’s extreme micromanagement has wasted time and money at Tesla, insiders say

There is little doubt that Elon Musk is a legitimate genius. He has made millions as a crony capitalist. He has long fused the good will of government, which is happy to fund him with tax dollars in the name of “progress,” with a vision of the future which despite the crony capitalism is compelling to many Americans. He seems to have weathered the SEC fraud investigation and the pot smoking incident with only a few bruises. But there are important questions about his leadership that remain. Tesla has not been a happy company for a long time. If ever.

Quality appears to be an ongoing issue.

(From CNBC)

At the Gigafactory, one manager told quality engineers to keep using parts that were “red-tagged” for scrap or further review, according to one current and two former employees. Employees responsible for quality control repeatedly saw battery modules come through with cells that were raised too high or slightly out of place, and an insulating material called Fiberfrax in the wrong places, they told CNBC.

This is just one example from the attached article. If Tesla produces a generation of lemons the good will of many will be tested even further.

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