The FDA Turned Your $10 Supplement into a $40,000 Drug

The FDA has allowed a drug company to take a supplement (the most abundant amino acid in our bodies) and turn it into a drug costing $40,000 a year. The drug is also targeted at a health problem that mainly affects African-Americans.

The FDA works in partnership with Pharma. Regulatory capture in Washington and elsewhere is the norm, not the exception.

(From The Alliance for Natural Health)

If a drug company begins investigating a nutrient for use in a drug before a supplement company files an NDI notification on that nutrient, the company can ask the FDA to have supplement version removed from the market, leaving consumers with no other option than the drug. Currently, a 120-pill bottle of L-glutamine can be purchased for less than $10; a year’s worth of Endari will reportedly cost consumers more than $40,000.

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