GM proposes electric car mandate


This is a key issue that is lost on a significant number of Americans. Business and government aren’t opposing forces. It’s not business versus regulators. More often than not it is businesses working WITH regulators.

It is to the advantage of both the government bureaucracy and the crony businesses to keep people in the “government versus business” mindset, however. Such a mindset works for the cronies, because if the people ever got hip to what was really going on it’d be much harder to make money in the crony game.

(From The Hill)

Major car manufacturer General Motors is asking the Trump administration to back a national car program that would make automakers in all 50 states annually increase their output of electric vehicles.

The National Zero Emissions Vehicle Program endorsed by GM on Friday would gradually increase the percentage of electric vehicles manufacturers would have to make for their fleet each year starting at 7 percent in 2021 and rising to 25 percent by 2030.

Now why might GM be inclined to support such a regulation? Is it because they want to “save the Earth?” No, it’s because it is to their business advantage to support such regulations. By partnering with regulators they pad their bottom line. GM, Government Motors, has lots of experience with this.

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