Google exec slams GOP over Kavanaugh nomination: ‘F–k. You. All. To. Hell’

Remember, this the same company that is now building a censored Internet for the Chinese Communist Party. Seems like some priorities are misplaced in the Google C-suite.

This might be just a bit over the top, particularly for someone in company leadership. And according to his bio he’s a psychologist as well as being “design lead” at Google. That is interesting for multiple reasons, though also logical if one thinks about it.

It’s worth noting also that some have accused Google of skewing search algorithms against conservatives. When the head of design at Google is saying the sort of thing he says in the above (now deleted) tweet, one can understand the concern some people have.

Google is a private company, but it is also a deeply crony company with lots of taxpayer funded contracts amounting to billions of dollars. It was also a frequent corporate visitor to the White House during the Obama administration.

(From Fox News)

Google is coming under close scrutiny at the moment amid allegations of anti-conservative bias at the company, which it denies.

The firm’s CEO Sundar Pichai met privately with GOP lawmakers on Capitol Hill last month to discuss the allegations and concerns about privacy issues and the firm’s re-entry into China.

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