Information Technology Industry Council lobbying house reorganizing, is changing how it will push for government IT issues. (And taxpayer funded projects)

Ars Technica has described the Information Technology Industry Council as “a lobbying group with a membership list that includes almost all the heavy-hitters of the tech world”.[3] In 2006, InformationWeek‘s Digital Life Weblog called it “a lobbying group of 40 of the most powerful tech firms, including Cisco, Dell, eBay, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle SAP, and Sun”. – Wikipedia



A shakeup has happened in one of tech’s biggest lobbying houses. After 5 years the old head is moving on and priorities are being rearranged. No doubt however, the relentless pursuit of taxpayer financed opportunities will continue on.

(From NextGov)

“ITI’s public sector work is an ongoing priority for the organization and our members, and we are committed to continuing to deliver on that priority at the highest level,” ITI spokesperson Ashley Berrang told Nextgov. “Earlier this year, ITI re-shaped its operating approach and organizational structure across all policy areas.”

It sounds like the lobbying landscape has shifted in the Trump era and doors that were once open may not be, while other doors that were closed may be opening up. It’s the yin and yang of lobbying. The crony beat goes on.

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