PELOSI: I’ll be Speaker again (She wants ‘Pelosi One’ back)

She want’s it so bad. So bad. She want’s her private Air Force jet, paid for by taxpayers of course, “Pelosi One” back. She want’s the power. She NEEDS the power. She’ll show those deplorables.

When Pelsosi came into Congress she was barely a millionaire. Now she’s worth over $100 million. Funny how that happened.

(From The American Mirror)

“Yes, I anticipate that I’ll be the person with the gavel in hand, but I haven’t asked anybody for a vote, in fact, I’ve told the candidates, ‘Do whatever you have to do, just win baby,’” she said, apparently telling her candidates to tell voters whatever they want to hear just so they’ll win.

“But I do think that I’m in very good shape with my caucus,” she added.

Classic Pelosi.

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