Public Servant Who Made $327,491 in 2017 Asks Us to Support Higher Taxes

The public unions in California are out of control. And now the state has raised the gas tax, a direct tax on commuters, to pay for this crony underling class. And in future years the pressure is only going to get worse.

With California as a one party state the money grab is on. Squeeze as much from taxpayers as humanly possible while it is possible.

This is one of the reasons California continues to descend into kind a weird economic purgatory between 1st and 3rd worlds. The rich live well. The cronies (often also the rich) and the underlings in government live well. The poorest are bought off with various welfare. But the middle class, as it usually does, suffers.This is one of the reasons much of the middle class is leaving the state.

(From The California Policy Center)

And what special interests are paying for these campaigns to increase (or preserve) taxes across California?…

Well, who do you think?

… In addition to his duties as president of Local IAFF Local 2180, Roberts is a Fire Battalion Chief for the Chula Vista Fire Department. In that capacity, he earned $327,491 in 2017, including $99,887 of overtime.

We are happy to have firefighters. It’s an important t job. However, these are public employees. The public PAYS for these workers. The median pay in California is $67,000. Something is wrong here. Something is wrong in California generally.

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