Retired general: If anyone can bring Afghanistan war to an end, it’s Trump

Well, let’s hope so, but I don’t think many of us are holding our breath.

Afghanistan is a total quagmire that goes on and on in the background of American life. Meanwhile cronies on all sides and of all sorts have made fortunes in the place. (From opium to arms, to the just plain old raiding of the foreign aid accounts, Afghanistan has not been a good deal for American taxpayers.)

(From The Hill)

“Based on his success in dealing with some fairly hard characters — [North Korean leader] Kim Jong [Un], China, some others — if anybody can do it, President Trump can,” retired Maj. Gen. Gary Harrell told Hill.TV’s Buck Sexton on “Rising.”

Harrell, a former Delta Force commander in Afghanistan who retired in 2008 after nearly 35 years in service, also praised Gen. Scott Miller, the top commander of U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan.

The operative words in the above headline are “if ANYONE.”

On a side note, if any of our readers would like to read an excellent book on the occupation of Afghanistan, the SOVIET occupation, we highly recommend The Hidden War by Artyom Borovik.

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