Sen. Rand Paul: It’s time to rethink America’s relationship with Saudi Arabia — It is not our friend

It’s not but we have long acted like Saudi Arabia is, largely because they hold an “oil nuke.”

The fear has long been that Saudi Arabia could drive oil prices up or down dramatically and so disrupt the US and the world’s economy. But times have changed. The “oil nuke” is less powerful than it was and some people think it’s time to rethink our relationship. Perhaps arms deals with the USA shouldn’t just be a given anymore.

(From Fox News)

We should not send one more dime, one more soldier, one more adviser, or one more arms deal to the kingdom.

There are those who look at this option and say: “Well, what about our jobs, and won’t someone else sell the Saudis weapons?”

Yes and no. The Saudis need our stuff. They still want our arms. They might be inclined to change their disposition a bit if they knew they were going to get cut off.

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