Senator Grassley seeking farm bailout payments for HIMSELF


Grassley’s a millionaire but he owns a farm and so, hey, why not apply for those bailout funds?

This is exactly why we make the point that government and business should be as separate as possible. Because guess who benefits from big government? No, it’s not “the people.” It’s the crony interests who own and control the government. The bigger the government, the more control taken from the private sector, the greater the cronyism. Government is what makes crony capitalism possible. Government is the enabling factor.

Think about that all you budding “socialists.” GOVERNMENT is what makes crony capitalism possible. Government consolidates power for vested interests. Government isn’t your friend. (Unless you are a crony or are one of the ones the cronies pay off.)

(From The Gazette)

“Many taxpayers would be shocked to learn members of Congress who are receiving what by any measure is a lot of money are now also receiving a bailout check ostensibly designed to help struggling farmers,” Faber said. “It underscores exactly what’s wrong with the bailout program — that many of the recipients of farm bailout funding are doing just fine.”

There’s always a program, a bailout, or a check for the cronies. The same can be said for the people the cronies buy off via welfare, lush government retirement programs, and other programs. Some of us however don’t get a check from the Treasury in our mailboxes. We only pay into the black hole. (Because we have no other choice.)

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