Space Force: A Historical Perspective, Adding Bureaucracy Without Adding Capability


The prospect of a 6th branch of the military is enough to send shudders down the spine of many a taxpayer. One wonders why the Space Force can’t be part of the Air Force, which it basically is now?

The Army never got over losing the Air Corps. One wonders if the Air Force will feel the same about the Space Force. Get ready for the squabbling.

Regardless, we are sure many people will make lots of taxpayer money as the new branch comes on. That one can count on.

(From Pogo)

“When we asked the Department [of Defense] for an organizational chart so that we could understand who was involved in making decisions in the national security space enterprise and who was in charge below the level of the Secretary and Deputy Secretary, the answer was ‘we don’t have one,’” he said. The Government Accountability Office had released a report the prior year identifying 60 government offices and entities with a stake in space operations, many of which answer to different people and departments.

It’s going to be (an expensive) turf war mess.

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