The Feds Want To Tackle Causes of Food Waste, Except Their Own

This is the way in a crony system. The government class, the nomenklatura as it was known in the old Soviet Union, has one set of rules. Then there are rules for everyone else.

Food waste is arguably a problem (not for the author of the attached article who believes it is absolutely a problem) as waste represents inefficiency. However, introducing big broad laws and regs in an effort to combat food waste is not smart. The government should be learning from the private sector instead of dictating to those who are already tackling food waste.

(From Reason)

The basic message behind last week’s federal government announcement—that businesses and consumers should learn about and do more to reduce food waste—is a good one. But the federal government’s message also misses the mark, because it fails to address the many ways that the government itself spends billions of dollars promoting policies and programs that promote food waste.

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