Trump says each Cabinet secretary should slash 5% of their budgets after he pledges to cut spending


Here one sees quite clearly why it is that the bureaucracy, the biggest part of the swamp, so fears Trump. He is actually calling for significant cuts to agencies that should have been cut years ago, and deeply. Some agencies shouldn’t exist at all. There is no greater den of crony capitalism than the government itself.

Of course Trump has also made sure more spending has gone to the military, which is obviously part of the government, and which can be plenty crony too.

(From CNBC)

President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he will ask each of his Cabinet secretaries to cut 5 percent of their respective budgets, shortly after he pledged to reduce spending and lower the U.S. budget deficit.

“We’re going to be asking for a 5 percent cut from every secretary today,” Trump told reporters at the White House in advance of a meeting with those secretaries.

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