Opinion from The Sorrentino.com: Is Political Correctness Killing Comedy? YES

From Portlandia, one of the great sketch comedies ever. That’s the light of liberty burning.


Political correctness is a tool of totalitarianism. It is a tool of thought control. It is NOT about being polite. (This is always the nonsense excuse of the thought police.) It is about dividing people. It is about making the world even more serious than it is. (And it is too damn serious already.) It is about furrowed brows and earnestness. It is about bubble wrapping the world for the absurdly sensitive. It is about lying. It is about power. It is about making other people as miserable as the people who believe in the religion of hierarchy, grievance studies, and microagressions.

Should one be polite? Yes. Should one be respectful? Of course. But we are also supposed to be adults and adults don’t need trigger warnings.

(From The Washington Examiner)

“I’d argue the day the laughter died in this country is when comedians like Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld stopped doing their acts on college campuses,” said Rush of both of the comedians’ decisions several years ago to drop the lucrative circuit…

…When a comedian stops going to where the young and the traditionally open-minded are, we’ve got a deeper problem that just unfunny movies circulating theaters.

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