Opinion from TheSorrentino.com: A gift to free marketeers: Ocasio-Cortez ‘Doesn’t Have a Working Knowledge of Basic Economics


We have made the point elsewhere that people who don’t understand basic supply and demand shouldn’t be making laws. Ms. Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t seem to grasp basic supply and demand. The thing is she doesn’t even seem to understand basic elements of our government either. Yet part of the Bronx thought she was fit to represent them in Congress. Go figure.

Not that she will be alone. There are many people who lack a fundamental understanding of basic economics in Congress. Maxine Waters comes to mind.

We also said in another space that Ms. Ocasio-Cortez may end up being a gift to we free market types. With each passing day this increasingly appears to be the case. Notice she’s now donning glasses. This is the classic image maker move if a client is seen as stupid by the public. Thing is, it does not just appear to be an image problem.

Let’s just say, she’s fun to listen to.

(From Fox News)

Kennedy said Ocasio-Cortez lacks a working knowledge of basic economics, which makes it impossible for her to explain how her democratic socialist policies would work in practice.
“It’s the downfall of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, because it’s built on a foundation of yogurt.”
Not all progressives are dim. Certainly not. There are many all too bright but deluded progressives (at least economically speaking) out there. But Ocasio-Cortez does not fall into that camp. But she looks good on TV and that’s what matters to many people who don’t have a working knowledge of basic economics themselves.