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Year: 2019
Fed Loosens The Money Spigot Again

This means that ordinary people cannot protect their savings from inflation, pension plans and insurance policies are put in peril, and wealth inequality will increase further.

Pentagon Spending Is a Poor Job Creator

Unfortunately the military has long been considered a gigantic works program and social experiment. The Military Industrial Complex is so huge, so massive, it creates its own political gravity. And the pull on politicians is almost inescapable.

Bezos and DoD Dream of AI, but Invoke Terminator Nightmare

Amazon + billion dollar artificial intelligence contracts with the military and law enforcement + opacity in the procurement process + an AI arms race with China = a robot overlord dystopia one day? We hope not. Jeff Bezos and General...

Reject defense reforms, federal workers urge Congress

The bureaucracy never wants reform, unless it means the expansion of agencies and/or increased pay. There are many civilians who file into the Pentagon everyday who do very well for themselves and they don’t want that to change. This...

Top McConnell spokesman to join Global Automakers

The old revolving door still spins briskly in downtown Washington. (From The Hill) A longtime spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is leaving Capitol Hill to join the Association of Global Automakers. Don Stewart, who was previously McConnell’s deputy...