Amash Bill Would Prohibit Unequal Ballot Access Laws, Straight-Ticket Voting in Congressional Elections

Politics in this country is a duopoly and it is deeply entrenched. For over a century it’s basically been unshakable.

This duopoly contributes to the crony nature of our political and economic systems.

(From Reason)

Thanks to state laws that require parties get to a certain amount of the vote to automatically qualifiy for the ballot in future elections, and other rules that often mandate third party or independent voters must collect thousands more signatures than their major party opponents to be included on the ballot, smaller parties are forced to spend valuable and scarce resources to gain simple ballot access…

…His (Amash’s) proposal, the Ballot Fairness Act, would prohibit unequal ballot access rules in congressional elections, meaning that third parties and independent candidates could not be held to different standards than Democratic and Republican candidates.

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