Details on The College Admissions Scandal: Includes Coaches at Yale and Stanford


Just the tip of the iceberg: “Soft” bribes taken by colleges in the form of legal gifts and “ favors” to friends should be just as scandalous.

(From Fox News)

William Rick Singer, founder of for-profit college prep business Edge College & Career Network also known as “The Key,” is allegedly the mastermind behind one of the largest college admissions scams to ever hit the U.S. and went to great lengths — which included pricey fees — to ensure his clients’ demands were met.

Singer, 58, has been called the “ringleader” behind the scheme, purportedly collecting roughly $25 million from dozens of individuals including actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin over the course of nearly a decade to bribe school coaches and administrators into pretending their children were athletic recruits to ensure their admission into top tier colleges, prosecutors say.

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