Licensing Reform Opponents Say Unlicensed Barbers Would Be as Dangerous as Unlicensed Chefs. Chefs Aren’t Licensed.

Occupational licensing for shoe shiners, dog walkers, cosmetologists, and many other workers exists to keep people out of the business. Such licensing creates barriers to entry to a market.

You’re good at cutting hair? Well, you need a very expensive license and in some cases thousands of dollars of state sponsored “training” (in many places) if you want to make a living at it.

(From Reason)

People who want to cut hair and can show they know the basics of how to do it could work at the hair-styling equivalent of a fast food joint, while those with more training and better skills would be in demand at upscale salons and could demand higher pay. Private certifications could replace licensing as a way for workers to signal their skills to prospective employers and clients, and the government could reduce its role to inspections that regulate the physical space where barbering takes place.

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