Why Is The NIH Giving Billions Of Taxpayer Dollars To Other Countries?


This is US taxpayer money. Our money. The People’s money. And off it goes, gone forever. Some even think this money might be used against us.

Of course one can say this about any number of expenditures.

(From The Federalist)

Levinson’s feeble response and the FBI’s tarnished history demonstrate that when the NIH gives away billions of our hard-earned tax dollars (nearly $39 billion in 2019 and more than $665 billion since 1994), there is no direct oversight to ensure that these funds are not given to agents of foreign governments working at U.S. institutions, nor any assurance that these funds are not directly used to steal intellectual property or subvert American public health interests.

As a former NIH research fellow, I can attest to the utter lack of accountability in taxpayer-funded research.

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