Wikipedia editors aren’t supposed to be paid, but some are to “whitewash” entries (By high profile and powerful interests)


A fascinating story of spin, political operation, money, and power online originally covered by The Huffington Post and now picked up by a publication with a slightly different political disposition Brietbart.

No one wants a negative Wikipedia post about them. Many people have been unfairly maligned on Wikipedia. Some ideas (in economics and politics) have been unfairly marginalized. However, if one has an online fixer this problem can be solved, whether the negative entry is warranted or not, for a fee.

(From The Huffington Post)

Although Sussman declined to provide a complete list of clients, the fact that he’s required to disclose who signs his paychecks means all that information is out there somewhere — and just takes a little digging to find. In addition to Axios, HuffPost found Sussman making edits on behalf of Facebook, NBC…

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