At ‘MAGA Republicans Biden Take another Swipe

Tonight, former Vice President Joe Biden will deliver his own version of the State-of Union address and use it as an opportunity to target Republicans he sees as complicit with President Trump.

Joe Biden is set to command a prime-time stage Thursday in Philadelphia, calling out the extremism he believes fuels many of these Republicans on behalf of their own nation’s democracy.

He’ll make sure that Americans know just how much stakes are riding during this election season – with both parties fighting hard and nothing less than preservation or destruction weighing at hand!

Joe Biden will speak directly to the American people and take square aim at so-called MAGA Republicans who do not recognize his victory in 2020.

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He plans on reminding them that violence is never an appropriate means for achieving political change, especially when it comes from those opposing him or anyone else’s beliefs system
I hope this helps clear things up!

Vice President Joe Biden released a pre-campaign speech just days before the unofficial start of this year’s election season, which gave little insight into what he’ll say or do other than being an overt attempt by him to frame things up yet again with Trump after their recent battle over security at Mar-a practically led us all into chaos.

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