Crony Capitalism
Trump’s Pick for Attorney General a Big Fan of Big Brother

If you like increased domestic spying – and the increase in government spending and crony opportunities that follow and allowing law enforcement to seize people’s property without a conviction, then William Barr may be your man for Attorney General.

And the Drug War Continues

Should we feel sorry for the DEA agent caught accepting bribes in exchange for providing information to drug dealers – no. Should we FINALLY realize the drug war is a complete failure and should end now – yes.

Rahm Emanuel’s Empty Promises

Rahm Emanuel became Mayor of Chicago promising to cut wasteful and excessive spending and instead handed out over $481 million in extra pay for Chicago city employees in 2017.

Is Market Competition Becoming a Thing of the Past?

Excessive government regulations and taxes on small businesses along with subsidies and incentives to large corporations is slowly and steadily reducing (or eliminating) the most essential factor of a successful capitalistic system – competition.

Huawei in Hot Water With U.S. Again

First it was electronic surveillance, now it’s sanction violations. China’s Huawei, one of the biggest competitors of U.S. tech companies, is in trouble with the U.S. government again for possibly violating U.S. sanctions against Iran.

Closing a Big Pharma Loophole in Medicaid

Congress claims the drug companies purposely misclassify drugs as generic instead of brand name to avoid paying higher rebates to Medicaid, and that it’s costing taxpayers millions of dollars.