Crony Capitalism
We Should All Be as Lucky as Florida’s Brenda Snipes

After receiving well-deserved criticism for vote counting issues in the midterm election, the Broward County Supervisor of Elections is retiring in January. Hopefully she can make ends meet with the $173,000 annual state pension she will receive.

Trump Raises the Stakes for GM Plant Closings

After GM’s announcement to close five plants and layoff 15,000 employees, President Trump threatened to end government subsidies for GM. But he hasn’t stopped there.

Can Tesla Survive Plunging Sales in China?

Will Tesla come to the government with their hand out (again) after tariffs, lowered demand and locally subsidized competition led to a 70% drop in Tesla sales in China, the world’s largest electric car market.

Google Search Engine Would Allow Government Surveillance

Google employees have publicly joined 14 Human Rights Organizations in opposition to Google building a search engine for use in China that would allow government surveillance and potential human rights abuses.

General Motors Without Government Subsidies?

After General Motors (a.k.a. Government Motors) announced the closing of five U.S. auto plants and 14,000 layoffs, President Trump has threatened to cut government subsidies for GM. General Motors with no government subsidies?? It’s almost impossible to imagine.

Amazon’s Prime Example of Crony Capitalism

How do you win a multi-billion dollar government contract? You start with crony capitalism of course. Just look at Amazon’s bid for the $10 billion cloud computing contract with the Defense Department if you want to see how it’s done.

Keeping Government out of the Kitchen

In a case involving two Dutch cheese makers, the European Court of Justice ruled that the “taste” of a food can’t be copyrighted.