Crony Capitalism
Ron Paul is a long distance runner.

Last year I came under the delusion that I was going to run 50 miles straight. Who knows it may still happen. Thing is there is a whole lot that goes into running that kind of distance. It’s almost like...

Newt endorsed something like Obamacare?

While endorsing an “individual mandate” Newt was paid over $30 million by the health care industry over 8 years. Maybe he and Cain can go drink beers back in the 2nd tier saloon.

Sin Tax Corruption

Sin taxes on gambling, tobacco, alcohol, and “adult” entertainment are big and better bigger.

Capitol Hill bristles: THROW THEM ALL OUT

Peter Schweizer’s new book Throw Them All Out came out yesterday and Washington is not happy about what it exposes. The 60 Minutes report this past Sunday based on the findings in the book didn’t help matters either.

Unions spend big on Capitol Hill

Despite what you may have heard, it is unions, not businesses that throw around the most money on Capitol Hill. Check out these charts.

Big Govt, Labor, Business, In Bed Together

In this great piece by Fred Barnes he lays out clearly the Obama M.O., top-down policy making. Whether it’s big labor, big business, or big government, the administration likes to go big. The little guy, in contrast, has almost no...

The Green Pig-out

The stimulus has produced a tax payer funded “gold rush of subsidies.” GE, NRG, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and many others have taken full advantage of a “once in a generation opportunity” (according to NRG’s CEO) to spend your money for...

Military cuts to go to stimulus?

The Super Committee Dems want to take cuts in the military and apply the “savings” to a new stimulus program. I thought we were trying to reduce outlays in an effort to get our fiscal house in order.