Crony Capitalism
Which Side Are Supply Siders On?

This is a rare and fascinating interview with economist Robert A Mundell, the founder of supply side economics. It reinforces the point we made in an earlier post that supply siders often support massive government money printing and big government in general.

The Founders and Sound Money

This is an excellent article which contains quotes from the US founding fathers about the importance of sound money, the opposite of what we get from Ben Bernanke’s Fed under our current system of crony capitalism.

Roubini is wrong on unrest

Roubini makes the case that Capitalism will essentially eat itself. He recently said that indeed Marx had a lot of things right and that the current economic troubles reflect what Marx saw coming.

Ag Sec: Food Stamps are Stimulus

So the Ag Secretary made the case on MSNBC that food stamps are a form of economic stimulus. That’s fantastic. With 1 out every 7 Americans on food stamps, what a boost we must be getting!

Chicago on the Rio Grande?

Perry is no conservative, at least in the positive sense of the word. His Texas Enterprise Fund and Texas Emerging Technology Fund both look like custom made vehicles for cronyism.

Bernanke still has friends in the GOP

Bernanke still has fans in a “conservative” think tank. In general he still has fans in the Republican party and among “conservatives” in general. The view that the GOP is anti-Bernanke and Keynesianism is wrong.