Crony Capitalism
NY City sewer engineer paid $775k in 2010

No Salary Too High If Paid by Taxpayers to Politically Powerful Union Members There has been some publicity about a New York City sewer worker making nearly three quarters of a million dollars in the city’s fiscal year ending June...

Union leader gets 9K/mo based on false info

The cronies are just drawn to Chicago. For all the great architecture, universities, and commerce, it feels like the only thing that comes out of Chi-Town these days is youth violence and political corruption. Oh, and the President.

We are the barbarians?

Biden at AFL-CIO rally: “You are the only folks keeping the barbarians from the gates” (Video)

Why not a free market in energy?

In the wake of the Solyndra implosion its good to remember that energies of all sorts get gobs of subsidies. Most are not as reliant on subsidies as solar or wind to be sure, but there is almost no free market in...

Cronyism at DoD? No…

“The military’s personnel chief is under fire from Pentagon whistleblowers who have charged Clifford Stanley with incompetence, extravagant spending, cronyism and “tyrannical” management.”

Is The Need for Stimulus “Undeniable”?

Is The Need for Stimulus “Undeniable”?—As Robert Schiller Says A recent article by the best known Keynesian economist at Yale, Robert Schiller, begins this way: “[A] … fact… about our current economic situation… can no longer be denied: our economy is...

Keynesian Econ vs. Regular Econ

The gist of this fine article is in the last six paragraphs. Please keep Barro’s argument in mind when you read the next post on Robert Schiller’s arguments in favor of what?—yes, you guessed it, stimulus.

Is there a conspiracy against Ron Paul?

For the record I did not pick the above headline. The editor of the Culpeper Star-Exponent did. Regardless the attached column is my most widely shared in ever in social media and I have decided to post it here with a link...

Bernanke a Moderate?

David Leonhardt, economic writer for the New York Times and soon to be Washinton Bureau Chief, argues that Ben Bernanke is a monetary “moderate”.