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Full NameDaniel Joseph Price
Birthday13th May 1984
BirthplaceSouthWest Idaho
Currently LivingSeattle, Washington
CompaniesGravity Payments
SchoolNampa Christian High
CollegeSeattle Pacific University
MarriageKristie Colon (Lewellyn)

Gravity Payments

Gravity Payments is a company that deals with the processing of credit cards and providing various other financial services, as it describes in its own words

“The service for the little guy or little girl who believes in the American Dream and is willing to chase it”k8ui

Its CEO and co-founder Daniel Joseph Price is who we affectionately know today as Dan Price. 

Birthday Birthplace and Early Years Of Dan Price

Dan Price grew up in the rural South West of Nampa with five siblings, homeschooled up to 12 years of age. 

Born on the 13th of May 1984, Dan is the son of Ron Price, a successful public speaker, and business consultant. 

Having his dad as a strong source of inspiration, Price lived according to his values, helping friends, and it was here that he developed the skill of negotiating. 

Having been brought up by evangelical Christian parents, childhood was centered around sharing the family chores and regular Bible readings. 

Price was also known to have won a National Bible Memorization contest.  It’s no surprise to see where the CEO gets his personality from today and we see where the entrepreneur’s strong values come from. 

Dan Price Education

Having graduated from Nampa Christian High and played the bass guitar in a Christian rock band, going on tours nationally. 

dan.price is known to have, in his younger days, helped the owner of a coffee shop negotiate the fees of credit card processing with the help of his father, who was already an expert in the industry. 

This was just the beginning that was to take him deep down into the credit card industry, which started at the age of 19. 

Price later moved on to University where he graduated from the Seattle Pacific University in 2008. 

Dan Price As CEO | Dan Price Ceo

Price has enjoyed a journey of 18 years as the founder of Gravity Payments. The company began with funds from student loans and savings.  

He was honored as the National SBA Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2010, which gave him an opportunity to meet then-President Barack Obama at the White House. 

Another award to his name is the GreeWire Young Entrepreneur Award of the Year, which he won in 2013. 

As a CEO, Dan Price has always wished to have his employees feel like they work for the best company in the world. 

Ceo Dan Price is also known for never having laid off even a single employee in his 18 year journey. 

Today, the company has over 220 employees and 13000 merchants all thanks to the generosity and efforts of its former Ceo Dan Price 

Dan Price Salary

One of his most notable deeds as that a chief executive officer is that of having greatly lowered his salary from one million to $70,000 million in order to give all his employees a raise. This was an act that won the hearts of all employees

He has often been well praised for this generous act of working towards better wages and working conditions for the average worker. Every employee at Gravity Payments is known to receive a minimum wage of $80,000. 

This was in fact, a moment that was triggered at a smoke break where the CEO, on noticing an employee upset, walked up to him and had a discussion on his concerns, which seemed to be about the pay. 

Having grown up seeing employee struggle at the places he served, the employer was shattered for being one of the causes of this. 

The action that he took was later said to have triggered more than 500 million interactions on social media and the CEO goes down in history for being one of the most cheered in his time. 

Married Life Of Dan Price | Dan Price Wife

Dan Price was married to Kristie Colon, who was known to be his high-school sweetheart, also a Christian. 

He was married to her at the age of 21, on the demand of her parents to stop seeing her if he had no plans of marriage.

However, due to tensions in their married life, the couple is no longer together today. 

Dan Price Seattle

Today, Price lives in Magnolia in the city of Seattle in Washington. The entrepreneur is now 38

Dan Price and Puppies

Dan.Price has a very cool dog who he names Mikey of whom he has shared constant pictures and videos on social media. Dan Price, was in fact, also known for loving to take his dog with him to work. 

So, not only can we safely say that this was a good, generous person to humans but a dog lover too. 

Sadly, the canine drowned in a pool on a day in June 2020. Price also had another dog named Samantha who is equally lovable and cute. 

Recent Activities Of Dan Price

It was on the 17th of August 2022 that Dan Price chose to resign as the CEO of the company. Dan Price recently stepped down as the CEO of Gravity Payments, giving way to Tammie Kroll, who now serves as the company’s new CEO. 

Not only is he a successful entrepreneur in America, but a powerful social media personality too, most known for his frequent posts on Twitter and Internet memes. A lot of his posts have, in fact, gone viral to spread awareness among people today. 

For more information, you can visit the Instagram page of Dan Price which is kept open to all, giving you a peek into the entrepreneur’s life and personality. 

There is a picture with his grandmother, a picture with the Gravity Payments team, and even one with the CEO and his dog. And, as was already mentioned, Dan Price is a constant tweeter. The rest of his page is filled with tweets posted on Instagram. 

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