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Today we are talking about enola holmes 2, enola holmes 2 release date and enola holmes 2 trailer.

A mind blowing mystery and a thrilling movie story based on the young adult fiction series named the same by Nancy Springer.

The enola holmes was a big hit when it was released back in 2020 and the movie was able to create a good fan base which makes it to serve a sequel of the film. The movie was written by jack thorne and the directions were given by harry bradbeer.

Enola Holmes 2 Director

Millie bobby brown who is the producer as well as star of the film and director harry bradbeer decided to start working on the sequel of the film enola holmes in the year of 2020.

Milli bobby brown also stated that she loved playing her character and while stating that she also mentioned she thought to make only the first part of the film until she realised that the characters inspires her more and a reason why she choose to be on set.

In the year of 2021 the directors and producer confirmed that there is going to be a sequel for the movie and they also stated in april that they are working towards it.

Later in the month of  May netflix took the project and confirmed fans regarding their favorite movie. Reportedly, brown was paid $10 million for the character in the movie.

After that the production house started working on it started in autumn in the year of 2021. Also some of the shots were also taken in hull in october in the same year.

Because of cavill and teams hard work the project was wrapped in november 2021. And the shooting ended on the 7th of january.

Cast Of Enola Holmes 2 with Characters

Millie Bobby Brown As Enola Holmes

The producer millie bobby brown staring in the film as the main character Enola. Enola is also related to sherlock holmes as she is sister of him.

Eudoria Holmes by Helena Bonham Carter

Helena bonham carter is the character where the whole story revolves around she is the mother of Enola and who disappeared.

Sherlock Holmes played by Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill portrays Enola’s most famous brother Sherlock

Lord Tewksbury played by Louis Partridge

The one who need enola’s assistance

Sam Claflin As Mycroft Holmes

Sam claffin played as enolas mustached brother and is able to win audience hearts with having the most of the on screen time.

When will Enola Holmes 2 Come Out

The creators have planned to air the sequel of the film on november 4 of the year and 2022.

Enola Holmes 2 Movie Trailer

Enola Holmes 2 Movie Trailer represents the teen enola holmes ( Millie Bobby Brown) questioning her famous brother, Sherlock Holmes (Henry Cavill), about a missing woman.

This 2020 sequel is full of thriller which sees that Enola is solving some mysteries in 19th century London and also we can see that she is setting up some kind of her own detective agency. If we go according to nancy book series of Enola holmes we can predict that there would be even more of thriller writing for us

There is also a new mystery saved for Enola which started with a missing girl complaint and now which is being involved and turning the case into a place where it “displeases Sherlock” and also leading a tag team between the siblings which has left fans excited.

As Enola begins to unravel the final mystery, she will find unlikely allies among the women of London. As Enola tries to reveal herself while solving a new case, it will be interesting to see how her own brother Sherlock and Tewkesbury help her.


The second part of the movie will bring more thrill and mystery to the story and as fans are expecting that millie bobby brown and cavill teams will be able to stand up on their expectations. There are alot of theories regarding who is elona mother we cant determine anything only option we left with is that we have to wait for it.

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