10 Rare Coins that are very rarely available in Market

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In the current world, many people are crazy about searching for and collecting authentic antique things, materials, coins, etc. I am also crazy about finding many authentic coins. Collecting rare coins it’s also one of the unique crazes among many USA peoples.

When I look at my younger self I am very crazy about it. I every time searched on the internet for rare coins that are very old.

So, let me share some popular rare coins that dream of many American citizens for collecting.

Brasher Doubloon (1787)

Flowing Hair Silver Dollar (1794)

The flowing Hair Silver Dollar is one of the rarest dollars made by the US government. It’s one of the most valuable coins. The Flowing Hair Silver Dollar coin was designed by one of the first Chief Engravers of the United States Mint Robert Scot.

In 1794 coin was minted in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They can be used both domestically and internationally. Check this rare picture of coin Flowing Hair Silver Dollar.

1804 Draped Bust Silver Dollar

Draped Bust Silver Dollar is one of the mysterious coins that was designed in 1804. The Bust Silver Dollar was only created for diplomatic gifts to the King of Siam and the Sultan of Muscat.

After that, the information came out that the silver coin was last made in 1803. But once again a silver coin was minted in 1850.

1913 Liberty Head Nickel

If seen, some myths emerge about Liberty Head Nickel as if this coin originated accidentally. The Liberty Head Nickel originated when the Buffalo Nickel design was being tested. However, no exact information has been revealed.

Even today these coins are very popular and are counted among many popular coins.

1933 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle

Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle is one of the most beautiful coins in the USA which is both mysterious and attractive. These coins were struck by Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle. This coin was last stolen from the US Mint due to its cut and popularity. These coins were later sold through Harji

1970-S Small Date Lincoln Cent

1985-P Proof Gold Eagle

1996-W Proof Silver Eagle

2004-P Proof Gold American Buffalo

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