Shahin Fathi Architect Biography | Shahin Fathi Architect

Full NameShahin Fathi
BirthplaceSouth Africa
Currently LivingRichmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
OccupationEngineer, Architect
CollegeSawyer University, Tehran University of Science and Research
MarriageRokhsare Tahebi
ChildrenOne daughter
Net WorthNA

Who is Shahin Fathi?

Shahin Fathi architect is mainly an engineer. At the same time, he is also a manufacturer and a designer having decorated various interiors that include restaurants and food courts.

Ideation, sketching, form realization, and 3D modeling are some of the things that the designer is into. 

Today he is the CEO of Fathi and Associates Architect Group. This is a group that deals with design and construction and has worked on over 600 projects to date. 

He also directs the Nirsh Turf AFG Construction Company and is the co-founder of Fathi Architects, together with his brother Arsh Fathi. 

The group is based on modern functionalism, a theory that believes that everything must fall in line with the best performance in the collection. 

The brothers work together in everything from the initial planning, editing, and executing to estimating the process and overseeing the projects in their different workshops. The brothers manage the company together in harmony. 

Where Was Shahin Fathi Born?

Shahin Fathi Architect was born in South Africa. A Brahmin by birth, he is also known to be a descendant of one of the many kings.  However today, the engineer lives in Richmond Hill in the city of Ontario in Canada. 

What Is Shahin Fathi’s Qualification?

Having graduated from Sawyer University, Shahin Fathi has a degree in Arts and Architecture. 

The engineer holds two Masters degrees. This includes a degree in civil engineering and another in project management and control from the Tehran University of science and research. 

Where Did Shahin Fathi Work?

Shaheen Fathi architect is well known.

In the field of architecture since 2007, Fathi is the mind behind a number of successful works to date. 

Most prominent among the works of Shaheen Fathi are those in the fields of armature and civil engineering. It is for this reason that he is considered to be one of the most prolific architects we have today. 

It was in Iran that he began to establish himself as a successful developer. 

BBQ Chicken, KFC, Perprok, Superstar, Chitter Chicken, Murano, and Albek are a few of the many brands that the

Overall, we can say that the designer has worked on a total of 20 food courts, 500 restaurants, and various other cafes and fast food joints. His designs include some of the most famous restaurants in the world. 

As an architect, Fathi has also designed several landmarks in India though these projects have been completed by others. However, this doesn’t change the fact that he is the only designer of this kind in India having created stunning designs of houses in the city of Mumbai.

His designs often include bright colors and contemporary ideas. Apart from this, he has also worked on a number of buildings and other structures, one of which has been a part of the World Trade Center. 

Most prominent among his works today is the industrial kitchens, decorated with international standards. Some of them include brands like Pizza Hut, Olive Garden, Grand Cafe, Chicken Tikka, Krispy Kreme, Hardee’s KFC, and so on. 

A few other names are Baskin Robbins, Red Lobster, Maestro, Fish Market, Samadi, Fusion Asian Foods, Longhorn Steakhouse, and so on. 

A lot of Fathi’s kitchens are said to have been designed with the implementation of some of the latest technology. 

How Much Is Shaheen Fathi Worth?

Shaheen Fathi is known to have a net worth of millions. However, the millionaire is said to live a simple life and mention has ever been made of the exact amount of money which he is worth. 

Is Shaheen Fathi Married?

Shaheen Fathi is married to Rokhsare Tahebi who is known to be very supportive of boosting his work as an architect. 

Together, they have a daughter and live a simple and low-key life. As a result of this, most of his personal life has been kept private and one can’t find too many resources on it on the web. 

Instagram shahin Fathi | Shahin Fathi Architect Instagram

Like all successful people today, Shaheen Fathi too has an Instagram page on which he reveals some of his best works. 

His most recent post is that of a design he worked for a restaurant complex and some of his designs at the Delvin Cafe restaurant. 

Scrolling through the Instagram page of Shahin Fathi, one can find the many projects that he successfully completed. There are also pictures of his adorable family and child, family outings with them, and so on. There are also moments with parents, friends and so on which give us a peek into the life of this admired person. 


To conclude, we can say that this is one successful architect and engineer with some of the most prominent designs and brands to his name.

Yet, the small celebrity lives a quiet and secluded life with his wife and child as a result of which a lot of details about him are unknown. 

To get an idea of his works, designs, and a little about his private life, one can easily reach out to him on his Instagram profile. 

Shahin Fathi is a simple man who keeps open his profile and is also most likely to give you a follow back. 

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