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The new $2.45 billion question at Amtrak

Why is Amtrak still owned by taxpayers? Either it works or it doesn’t and if passenger rail isn’t viable economically in the United States it should be dead. So what if Joe Biden likes it? Actually I don’t hate Amtrak....

Amtrak Needs Privatization, Not More Subsidies

Indeed it does as we said a few weeks ago. Someone can make it profitable. The transportation equation is very different from when Amtrak was created. The highways are more full. Plane travel is a much bigger hassle. A private...

Why don’t we have any private passenger trains?

“Amtrak is a massive failure because it’s wedded to a failed paradigm. It runs trains that serve political purposes as opposed to being responsive to the marketplace. America needs passenger trains in selected areas, but it doesn’t need Amtrak’s antiquated...

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