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Great Video: Japan’s Debt Problem Visualized

A very well done video on the Japanese debt crisis. Anyone who cares about the world economy should have some understanding of what is going on currently in the world’s 3rd largest economy.

Japanese Stocks Slide 7.3%, US Stocks Rattled Prior to Open

This is how tenuous the markets really are. The slightest breeze from the Federal Reserve, the mere hint that the flow of money will slow, sends one of the world’s major stock markets pinwheeling. At this moment US market futures aren’t looking...

Japan struggles- ‘Abenomics’ Is Going to Fail: Mr. Yen

Printing money and broad fiscal stimulus isn’t going to work because of deep structural issues within the Japanese economy. Specifically the country’s population keeps getting older while the economy is also becoming more and more integrated with China’s. Deflationary winds are...