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Are Economic Conservatives Just a Bunch of Angry People?

Apparently economic conservatives are simply just angry people. This is what a new study by University of Cincinnati professor Anthony Salerno and University of Manitoba professor Keri Kettle appears to claim. Stirring up anger makes people more conservative. Conversely,  according to Salerno,...

The Government Crackdown on Bitcoin

“Governments enjoy a monopoly on money creation and they’re not about to surrender that monopoly to cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.” High risk. High reward. It’s an experiment. A fascinating experiment. Some might get hammered in this experiment. Don’t be that guy....

Crony Economy : More Mises, Less Keynes

This comes to us from Ronaldo Campos Carnerio, a Brazilian friend of Against Crony Capitalism. Incidentally the liberty movement in Brazil is one of the most vibrant in the world. Read more…

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