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Bitcoin vs. Regulators: Who Will Win? (VIDEO)

But no revolution is without risk. The above headline comes from The Wall Street Journal. What it should really say is “Bitcoin vs. Banks and Their Regulator Partners in Government.” Because both governments and the big banks (a key...

Why Amazon Is Buying Up All Those Cryptocurrency URLs

Amazon is interested in crypto because Amazon is interested, and has the money to be interested, in nearly everything. The mainstreaming of Bitcoin and its brethren are arguably the biggest financial development of the past year, so it...

Are Economic Conservatives Just a Bunch of Angry People?

Apparently economic conservatives are simply just angry people. This is what a new study by University of Cincinnati professor Anthony Salerno and University of Manitoba professor Keri Kettle appears to claim. Stirring up anger makes people more conservative. Conversely,  according to Salerno,...

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