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The Federal Reserve is a banking cartel, M. Rothbard examines its birth (Video)

In order to understand what is really going on in the economy one must have some understanding of the Federal Reserve. It is a truly amazing and diabolical institution created not for the public good as we are told, but...

Thomas Sowell: Why do we continue to listen to the Federal Reserve? They’re almost always wrong.

Sowell’s right. The Fed over its 100 year history has been consistently wrong and has often exacerbated crises not ameliorated them. Both the Great Depression and the Great Recession are examples of this. But don’t tell a Keynesian this. Read more…

The Depression Continues Despite the Smoke, Mirrors, and Dazzling Bull from Washington

There is a lot of smoke and mirrors in mainstream economic news these days. There always has been. The wizards always seek to manage expectations and manipulate public sentiment in what they consider to be the right direction. But things have gotten...

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