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Ingraham’s ratings spike a wake-up for advertisers

This game can go both ways. (From The Hill) In the three months before the advertiser boycott frenzy, Ingraham averaged 2.5 million viewers per night, consistently winning her 10 p.m. time slot. Then the advertiser controversy got going and Ingraham went on...

A More Infuriating Way to Think About Your Tax Burden

Because we know you need something to get you madder about paying taxes. On taxes by the way, have you ever noticed that the people who want higher income taxes are often people who don’t pay income taxes? About...

Soros Dumps $450K Into Florida-based PAC

Yet more identity politics. Tribal war lite. The Dems still think it’s a winner. Maybe it is. But that is a crying shame. (From The Washington Examiner) The donation represents the only political funding Soros undertook in the Sunshine state...

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