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Nosediving NFL Ratings Could Hurt TV Networks

I talked to yet ANOTHER former NFL fan yesterday at the pizza shop. He had a Broncos shirt on and the kid behind the register was giving a bit of a ribbing. I was sitting off to the...

Will people now believe Corey Feldman about Hollywood abusers?

Barbara Walters once chastised Corey Feldman for saying that pedophilia and other sexual abuse was widespread in Hollywood. Seriously, she did. She said that Feldman (who didn’t name anyone out of fear) was jeopardizing “an entire industry.” Hollywood...

The Pelosi/Obama Party Purges Bernie People from the DNC

A Revolution Betrayed and all that.  Pelosi/Obama/Clinton and Company don’t want any trouble makers in their midst, and certainly no one who might expose more of the inner workings of the organization that rigged the primaries against Bernie Sanders. THIS...

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