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House Leaders are Big Pharma Favorites

The fight to reduce drug prices should be interesting to watch in the new congressional session. Especially since three of the four leaders of the House of Representatives receive the most amount of money in donations from the pharmaceutical industry.

Over 40 Percent of Americans Say No to Flu Vaccinations

This interesting article avoids the real reason: concerns about the long term consequences of what else is in the vaccine other than the vaccine and worries that government is hiding information to protect Big Pharma.

Closing a Big Pharma Loophole in Medicaid

Congress claims the drug companies purposely misclassify drugs as generic instead of brand name to avoid paying higher rebates to Medicaid, and that it’s costing taxpayers millions of dollars.

Profiting from the Opioid Crisis

After raising their opioid overdose reversal drug 600%, drugmaker Kaleo released a statement claiming that profits haven’t driven their actions.

As Usual, Big Pharma Raising Drug Prices

Ignoring widespread criticism (as usual), drugmaker Pfizer announced it will be raising prices (as usual) on 41 drugs in January, while claiming that the rising prices to consumers will be offset (as usual) with rebates and discounts.

Opioid Crisis Fueled in Part by Crony Capitalism

Legal or not, doctors getting kickbacks, subsidies, or incentives (pick your term) from drug companies for prescribing their drugs benefits the doctors and drug companies, not the patients.