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Ex-Im Is Back In Business, Boeing Cuts 4,000 Jobs Anyway (Company threatened job cuts last year if it lost its Export-Import Bank subsidy)

Flying high in the crony skies. So nice that Boeing, now with its huge taxpayer underwritten subsidy in hand thanks to many Republicans who abandoned the free market to support crony capitalism, slashes a bunch of jobs. The company had...

Emails between Ex-Im Bank and Boeing: WSJ says, “They reveal an extraordinary level of coordination between public officials and corporate executives.”

US taxpayers subsidize the purchase of Air India jets from Boeing which in turn hurts American company Delta. Isn’t it nice when giant corporations (such as Boeing) and government agencies (such as the Import-Export Bank of the United States) come...

Reuters investigation: Many small businesses touted by Ex-Im Bank actually part of giant conglomerates

“This is how big I want my taxpayer funded subsidies to be.” Shock! The corporate slush fund known as the Import-Export Bank of the United States, aka Boeing’s Bank, doesn’t really benefit small business much. (In fact it generally hurts...

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