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Huawei in Hot Water With U.S. Again

First it was electronic surveillance, now it’s sanction violations. China’s Huawei, one of the biggest competitors of U.S. tech companies, is in trouble with the U.S. government again for possibly violating U.S. sanctions against Iran.

Can Tesla Survive Plunging Sales in China?

Will Tesla come to the government with their hand out (again) after tariffs, lowered demand and locally subsidized competition led to a 70% drop in Tesla sales in China, the world’s largest electric car market.

Google Search Engine Would Allow Government Surveillance

Google employees have publicly joined 14 Human Rights Organizations in opposition to Google building a search engine for use in China that would allow government surveillance and potential human rights abuses.

China’s Internet Restrictions an Aid to Crony Capitalism

Restricting public discussion and dissent is one of the strategies that allow crony capitalism to flourish. China, one of the most crony capitalistic countries in the world, is a leading proponent of restricting Internet freedom not only within their own...