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China’s Internet Restrictions an Aid to Crony Capitalism

Restricting public discussion and dissent is one of the strategies that allow crony capitalism to flourish. China, one of the most crony capitalistic countries in the world, is a leading proponent of restricting Internet freedom not only within their own...

Sierra Leone cancels $300 million airport deal with China

China, the Ultimate Crony Capitalist State, is engaging in a broad strategy of financial colonialism in Asia and Africa right now. However, some countries have recently reconsidered their debt deals with Xi and Company. Sierra Leon is the latest.

Pence Calls on Google to Drop Mobile Search Project in China

Pence is absolutely correct on this one. We’ve been posting on the Google/Chinese censored Internet partnership for a few weeks now. How could a company, an American company, a company that once had the motto “Don’t Be Evil,” (it has...