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Stephanopoulos Flap Exposes Partisan Divide on Media Bias

I think Mr. Ziegler is too kind here. He gives ‘liberals’ kind of a pass on defending Stephanopoulos, saying essentially that though it’s not OK that they (I am writing in the broadest sense here) don’t see that giving money to...

Hillary and the shady Russian uranium deal

Clinton Cash is certainly making an impact. It is quickly becoming the most important book of the year and it hasn’t even come out yet. The number of sweetheart deals the Clintons have been a part of is staggering. From...

Do Democrats even LIKE Hillary?

Last week we posted a story about the cozy relationship Hillary and Bill Clinton have with the CEO of Columbia’s largest private oil company and we asked this question; …are the UAW, the AFL-CIO, and the USW going to support...

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