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Beware of Nobel Laureates Bearing Snake Oil

The search for profits is good. Competition is good. Markets are good. This is obvious. Life is better, we have better cars, computers, toothbrushes, and everything else because of free enterprise. Where there is no free enterprise, no markets, no...

The Myth of Natural Monopoly | by Thomas J. DiLorenzo

Monopolies are usually, almost without exception, instituted by governments. When on occasion a monopoly occurs in a free market (and it can) it is usually very short lived unless that firm can co-opt the government to create a regulatory “moat”...

Restore the economy? Restore competition.

One of the fundamental failures of the pro-state side is that it holds competition in such contempt. We’ve heard it a million times (or at least I have.) Competition brings out the worst in the human animal. That it shouldn’t...

Is Competition Really Killing Higher Education?

That is what a professor alleges in the article below. This is worth discussing because the article is a classic example of blaming market failure for what has actually been caused by government intervention into the market.