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Thomas Sowell boils American politics down (PIC)

Government is not your friend. It is the largest “corporation” of them all except it has the official monopoly on the use of force. It has its own interests. A healthy skepticism of government is one of the defining characteristics...

This SOTU, Trump can move to drain the swamp for good

This piece is written by a friend, James Strock, former Secretary for Environmental Protection for California (the first), and the Founder of The Serve to Lead Group.  We don’t always agree with Mr. Strock (however we very often do), but...

When Corruption Is a Job Perk

This reminds me of the scene in the movie Hoffa, where Jimmy Hoffa’s chief crony and secretary (played by Danny DeVito) is pulled over by a cop. The crony digs into his wallet not for his drivers license but...

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