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Elizabeth Warren forges a 2020 machine

(From Politico) When and if she does, she’ll be rolling out arguably the most advanced and sweeping infrastructure in the Democratic field, a plug-and-play campaign that could give her a massive head start on nearly every contender in the...

And the Drug War Continues

Should we feel sorry for the DEA agent caught accepting bribes in exchange for providing information to drug dealers – no. Should we FINALLY realize the drug war is a complete failure and should end now – yes.

Rahm Emanuel’s Empty Promises

Rahm Emanuel became Mayor of Chicago promising to cut wasteful and excessive spending and instead handed out over $481 million in extra pay for Chicago city employees in 2017.

Chuck Schumer: Mr. President, let’s make a deal

(From News Times) Now that Democrats will soon control one branch of Congress, President Donald Trump is again signaling that infrastructure could be an area of compromise. We agree, but if the president wanted to earn Democratic support in the...

Kill the Lame Duck

(From Politico) Designed for a time when new elected officials had to travel long distances to make it to the capitol, they are mostly harmless, like an antique shotgun hanging on the wall—at least until recently. Today, Republicans in Wisconsin,...

Is Market Competition Becoming a Thing of the Past?

Excessive government regulations and taxes on small businesses along with subsidies and incentives to large corporations is slowly and steadily reducing (or eliminating) the most essential factor of a successful capitalistic system – competition.

Bringing the Future Back Into American Politics

(From Real Clear Politics) Until the Trump years, there was bipartisan support for bequeathing to future Americans a country resembling the beautiful one the politicians inherited. Sure, there were differences, but there was a basic understanding that the interests of...

John Dingle: Abolish the Senate and publicly fund elections

(From The Atlantic) In December 1958, almost exactly three years after I entered the House of Representatives, the first American National Election Study, initiated by the University of Michigan, found that 73 percent of Americans trusted the federal government “to...