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Crony Capitalism Thriving in Great Britain

The British government awarded a £13.8m contract to a ferry company with no ships, no history of supplying ships, and terms and conditions borrowed from a takeaway website.

Green Nonprofit Got $1.3 Million Grant to Create Five Jobs

While being investigated by the Oregon Department of Justice for misleading state officials in an attempt to qualify for tax breaks, a Portland-based environmental nonprofit was awarded $1.3 million to create five jobs at a warehouse in rural Oregon.

Mad Rush to K Street for Ex-Lawmakers

With so many house republicans now out of work after the last election there’s a scramble to get a lobbyist job on K Street before all the positions are gone.

One Side Effect of Crony Capitalism

One effect of the steady shift in the U.S. from a free market capitalism system to the political and economic elitism of crony capitalism has been to drive many voters to turn to socialist-leaning candidates in recent elections.

House Leaders are Big Pharma Favorites

The fight to reduce drug prices should be interesting to watch in the new congressional session. Especially since three of the four leaders of the House of Representatives receive the most amount of money in donations from the pharmaceutical industry.