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Now It’s a Crime to Make Your Own Medical Decisions?

Regardless of where one is in the great vaccine debate I think most of us can agree that the state should not have the authority to FORCIBLY vaccinate people. Additionally Americans should understand that vaccines are good business for some...

ObamaCare: A Crony Capitalist’s Best Friend

Indeed Obamacare is a massive, colossal vehicle for crony capitalism. We have maintained this from the very beginning of the program. It is full of sweetheart deals, exceptions for politically powerful groups, and most importantly nice fat revenue streams to...

Global Warming Fund a Slush Fund for World’s Dictators

The “climate initiative” thing or whatever that Obama came back from Paris with and the Republican congressional leadership made sure was funded has “scheme” written all over it. (And “scheme” is the nice word.) The cronies in many poor countries...

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