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Republican Debate: What Makes a Candidate Strong?

And how does this relate to crony capitalism? Commentators have called the last Republican debate “thermonuclear” and similar adjectives, but not ill-mannered, which it was. Is this because good manners no longer matter? Or do good manners actually count against...

Oh it’s on: Jeb Bush called Trump an “a**hole”

“Now what did you call me?” Whether Trump is one or not I’ll leave to you dear reader, but it’s pretty clear that Trump has really upset the old boys in the GOP. The debate, which one can watch online...

A Photo of Ron Paul with His Arms Crossed in Front of a Myriad of Logos of Online Media Services
Ron Paul Wins the Debate

And the winner of last night’s Reagan Library GOP debate with over 50% of the vote is… Ron Paul! Not that anyone is saying anything about it.Read more…

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