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The Pelosi/Obama Party Purges Bernie People from the DNC

A Revolution Betrayed and all that.  Pelosi/Obama/Clinton and Company don’t want any trouble makers in their midst, and certainly no one who might expose more of the inner workings of the organization that rigged the primaries against Bernie Sanders. THIS...

Kim Dotcom : I know that Seth Rich was involved in the DNC leak

For those who don’t know, Kim Dotcom is an internet activist, entrepreneur, and innovator. He’s also found the attention of authorities over the years as he has often challenged the system. (Pretty much the WHOLE system.) Apparently Kim Dotcom is...

A meme to ponder: What the DNC is REALLY mad about?

Just an attempt at humor. It made me laugh. Thanks to the reader who sent it. I dedicate this one to the Bernie folks who were the first ones to really highlight the crony relationships at the DNC. (The RNC...

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