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Malinvestment: “Today’s asset bubbles in stocks, junk bonds, housing, art, bat guano futures, etc. are being driven by the Federal Reserve”

Malinvestment is a very important concept to understand. It simply means the allocation of capital in ways which appear to be (and may be) rational in a period of artificially cheap credit, but in ways which in the end prove...

After 100 Years Of Failure, It’s Time To End The Fed!

Indeed. End the Fed. Sounds so radical doesn’t it? Isn’t the Federal Reserve there to smooth out the economy, to stabilize the currency? To make sure the world doesn’t blow up? What if I told you that it doesn’t smooth...

Revolutionary France’s Road to Hyperinflation (Think it can’t happen here?)

Periods of extremely easy money rarely end well. The political and banking classes both demand easy money right now. (They always want it.) Print more and more money and the world will continue on as it has (limping that is)...

Sorry Greenspan, but you own the housing bubble

Sure the Community Reinvestment Act (a totally crony law) had something to do with housing’s abrupt rise and fall in this country. And there were other factors besides Fed policy. But the primary reason why the global housing bubble, and...

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