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Trade War Hurts All Types and Sizes of Businesses

The economic damage that tariffs and trade wars have on large corporations is what receives the most media coverage, but they also have a devastating impact on sales, hiring, equipment purchases and suppliers for small, local businesses as well.

Bringing the Future Back Into American Politics

(From Real Clear Politics) Until the Trump years, there was bipartisan support for bequeathing to future Americans a country resembling the beautiful one the politicians inherited. Sure, there were differences, but there was a basic understanding that the interests of...

A Lot of People Want Bernie Sanders to Run in 2020

(From The Atlantic) Bernie Sanders’s decision about  running for president again isn’t about trying to bend the race toward his progressive politics—it’s about whether he can convince himself that he’s the Democratic candidate with the best chance of beating Donald...

Venezuela’s inflation rate just hit 830,000%

From Venezuela was once a relatively rich country. It had a solid middle class, a robust oil industry, reasonably good property rights, and on the whole was solidly the “emerging economies” camp. The same could be said of Zimbabwe...