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Crony Socialism: Yuri Maltzev (VIDEO)

Crony capitalism in many respects is a form of socialism actually. “Crony capitalism” is a nice way of saying “fascism” or “fascism-lite”. Fascism, despite the wailing of many a newly minted “socialist” is socialism. The Nazis for instance did not...

Obama’s CPFB director allegedly sold out student borrowers

Exactly. The student debt system we have in this country feeds the universities and their bloated administrations (in many cases) while students who fear missing out on a college degree go deeper and deeper into debt to meet increased tuitions....

How sugar policy could kill the farm bill

There’s something about white crystalline substances and unsavory dealing. Sugar is probably worse than cocaine. (From Politico) An attempt by candy makers and their allies in Congress to rein in one of the more arcane commodity support programs is...

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