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Ignore Market Demand at Your Peril

Too much reliance on Obama administration subsidies and ignoring market demand paved the way for the recent GM plant closings.

A Lot of People Want Bernie Sanders to Run in 2020

(From The Atlantic) Bernie Sanders’s decision about  running for president again isn’t about trying to bend the race toward his progressive politics—it’s about whether he can convince himself that he’s the Democratic candidate with the best chance of beating Donald...

New Fed Member Won’t Rock the Boat

Newly confirmed Fed Board member Michelle “Miki” Bowman won’t stand in the way of financing the out-of-control federal spending and will also be friendly to banks.

Is Treasury Market Wobbling?

Everything the Fed did in 2008-9 and since was really about protecting the US treasury market. Now they might have to increase interest rates whether they want to or not to attract foreign buyers.