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Venezuela’s inflation rate just hit 830,000%

From Venezuela was once a relatively rich country. It had a solid middle class, a robust oil industry, reasonably good property rights, and on the whole was solidly the “emerging economies” camp. The same could be said of Zimbabwe...

Wages jump by 3.1%, highest level in a decade

(OPINION from Say what one wants about the economy, and put us in the very cautious camp, the Fed driven expansion is creating malinvestment and a reckoning will come, perhaps worse than 2008. But saying that, there...

China’s Debt Bomb Ready to Explode

After years of wasteful and failed infrastructure projects meant to fuel both economic growth, and crony capitalism, and funded significantly by bad debt, the economic slowdown in China has exposed a potential debt crisis that is close to exploding.

GM proposes electric car mandate

This is a key issue that is lost on a significant number of Americans. Business and government aren’t opposing forces. It’s not business versus regulators. More often than not it is businesses working WITH regulators. It is to the...