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The (Bush/Clinton) Establishment Flunkies Flunk Out

Bush has spoken at length about his close ties to former President Bill Clinton, at times calling him his “brother from another mother.”  George W. Bush: Hillary Clinton is like ‘my sister-in-law’ Sorry, but even people...

Book Sample: The Establishment Won’t Go Quietly

The following is an excerpt from Politicos, Predators, Payoffs, and Vegan Pizza, the new book by your editor, Nick Sorrentino. The book can be purchased HERE. The Establishment Won’t Go Quietly By Nick Sorrentino on December 27, 2011 The world...

More Bush neoconservatives for Hillary?

The hawks are trying to find a nest. We don’t need a “hawkish” foreign policy however. We need an “owlish” foreign policy. Wise and stayed but with the sharpest talons in the forest. Read more…

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