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95% of Fed Gov Employees who gave gave to Clinton, Department of Justice 97%, State Department 99% (This is the deep state and they are comfy – right now)

Image: The Hill (From FOX News) The constant, anonymous leaks from disgruntled federal bureaucrats aim to provide ammunition for the propaganda news media to press the attack. The Left’s dance of destruction is stunningly choreographed. I have been overseas for...

Campaign Donations Reflect the Sharp Split in Congress Among Republicans (It’s leadership vs the small government guys)

If one is in Republican leadership one’s donors are more similar on average, according to ProPublica, to Democrats than to small government Republicans. The split between the “establishment” in Congress and the insurgent Freedom Caucus members is becoming increasingly stark...

The US Chamber of Commerce wants free market conservatives/libertarians gone from Congress, Will spend $100 million to kill TEA Party

Somehow, for many people, the TEA Party has become some sort of social conservative thing. This is the dominant narrative repeated in much of the press and indeed some social conservatives have tried to run with this recharacterization. But the...

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